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Thursday, April 7th, 2005
5:20 pm
Thursday, April 8th, 2004
1:07 pm
Vote Libertarian.
President of like...a country...is a BIG responsibility and that is why I take this very seriously. In my President, I want a man with at least one mockable physical deformity. I don't want someone who looks normal, perhaps even on some level handsome like Howard Dean or Bill Clinton; I want a man who has an obvious case of elephantitis, like GW and his ears or JFK the next generation with his desperately-in-need-of-botox chin. I also want a man who can lie about his military career like never before. GW pretending to have beena veteran is drop dead sexy and Kerry - a proven demonstrator against the war in 'Nam - saying he fully supported the war and did his duty is down right hot. Actually, being a vet is such a major turnoff (can you SAY Ulysses S. Grant), I want only a man who's a liar and a hypocrit to run my country(yah, lay down the law baby!). I want for my president to have unrealistic goals that will suck the money out of our economy until this nation comes to resemble Ethiopia. Like, when George wants to wipe out terrorism, like that will ever happen. And then he wastes billions of dollars on it. That's just soooooooooo attractive. Why, it's almost as much of a turn on as John Kerry who wants to provide healthcare for all. I mean, when your economy is this unstable, that would TOTALLY drain it.
Now the hard part. In my President I'm looking for a man who runs his country based upon Christian Faith. I don't want a man who does things like support the extension of civil liberties to new communities or a womans' right to choose. But I also want a man who had to buy his way into politics by marrying an heiress. Sure, inheriting the pseudo-throne from your father is cool, but I'm looking for a man who if he hadn't banged the Ketchup Queen, wouldn't be where he is today. I want my President to be able to aggravate the UN and friendly nations by breaking all sorts of previously set up agreements. For me, the perfect President is one who's IQ rivals that of a chimp and can choke on pretzels. For me, the man to be sworn in should use low attacks to buy him votes. I'm not looking for some guy who's honest, has integrity, knows how to stabilize the economy, and can really make something of this country. I instead want a filthy liar who doesn't stand a chance. That's why when 2004 election year comes around, I'm going to be so lost. How can I keep true to voting for only one party when I'm in love with both the Democrats AND the Republicans? Oh, this is going to be harder than trying to spell "dog" without the "aw" is for GW. Both parties have underqualified, deformed candidates.
How's a girl to choose?

Well, so...if you can't decide between the expendiferous dems and the magnificient reps, maybe you should go with a third party. Wait, what? It just got quiet in here. A THIRD PARTY THAT PERHAPS HAS SOME IDEA HOW TO FIX THINGS? WHAT IS THIS RADICAL NONSENSE!?!
Now before I get into this one, for more info on the Libertarian position, go to www.lp.org. There's even a quiz to take if that's what will lure you.

Now, onto it. Harry Browne is yet again running for president on the libertarian ticket. Now, I hear you, why should you vote for this guy? This man who has never been on a televised debate because the big stations are too scared to put forth a man who could really knock 'em dead?
Well, lets take a few platforms. For one, the Social Security platform. Instead of allowing people to give away a big chunk of their paycheck which will go into a system which could fall apart at any instance, therefore losing them quite a bit of cash, the Libertarians believe you should be allowed to control your own money. If you plan right for retirement, you win. If not, well, too bad. And, if you plan right for retirement and someone else doesn't, bits of your paycheck won't go into Joe Loser's pocket.
Secondly, Self-Defense or the guns laws. The Libertarian stance on this is very simple, criminals will have guns no matter what you want to say. They'll be armed, and you can't stop it. So, stop screwing over people who just want to protect themselves.
The legalization of drugs though is something I really think though is a good idea.
"Will someone in your family be killed in the crossfire between warring drug gangs? Will your child be lured by the high profits available from dealing drugs, make one silly mistake, and end up spending many years in prison? Will you be terrorized by violent thugs who are released early from prisons that are overcrowded with non-violent drug offenders?"
That's right. Wait, our prisons are overcrowded with people who've done nothing but decide what to do with their bodies and minds? WHAT? The amount of money spent by politicians to control you is horrendous. You get so screwed for something that shouldn't even be considered an offense. And Libertarians are out to stop it.
Now, I hear the healthcare issue buzzing in my ear, so lets go. Libertarians think the government has NO business in the field of medicine. They realize that healthcare will be affordable if doctors don't have to put on a million acts for Johnny Law. They want to put medicine back into the hands of, wait, what's that, THE GUYS WHO SPECIALIZE IN IT? This will lead to lower healthcare costs and hospital stays will cost less. WHOO!
Education, pull the government outta there!
"Republicans and Democrats alike think your child should be cannon fodder in their plans to police the world. They have created the greatest national offense in history - capable of annihilating any country, bullying small nations into accepting agreements fashioned by our President, and imposing on other countries "human rights" that don't exist in this country. At the same time, we have a very weak national defense - incapable of protecting this country from any dictator who can get his hands on a nuclear missile."
Oh man, you mean the big parties want to control the world? Wow, there's a shock. Didn't George Washington warn against this? Lets see the Libertarian take.
"Libertarians do not want your children to fight or die in a foreign war. Libertarians do not want terrorists targeting your city in order to gain revenge on a meddling U.S. government."
So wait, you want to stop the US from going into countries and telling them what to do, and you at the same time also want to boost national defense instead of offense? And, you want American kids to be protected against war? So wait, you want to revert to taking care of your own people and problems instead of everyone elses????? MINDBLOWING!
"No matter how they rearrange the tax code, you and I will continue to pay through the nose for the politicians' fun."
Best line...ever.
Libertarians want to eliminate the income tax and pull big government out of taxation matters that should belong to state governments. They want to stop the government from policing people.

In conclusion, you should vote Libertarian because, they want you to be able to think for yourself. Libertarians want you to have the freedom to control your own life. If you want to make mistakes, fine, go ahead, but we won't pull you out. And same goes if someone else does. You don't have to fix things for others! You can privately aid someone, but don't pull people who don't want to have to support everyone else into it. Libertarians want you to live your life your way (as long as you aren't killing people of course).
So, why should you vote Libertarian? Because as it says in the Star Spangled banner:
"Ore the land of the FREE!"

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Saturday, January 3rd, 2004
12:32 am
The Democratic Primaries.
Yes, it's that time again. No, not the time when we all run to the polls to decide who will rule us for the next four years, that other time, when we decide who will be put into the running to run us for the next four years. Confused yet? Good.
As most of you know, Americans are twats. I say that with quite the proof. From people thinking "George 'Dubya' Bush" is a pimp to people thinking "Dick Cheney" is the name of a strip club. Heck, lets face it folks, some of our cracker back southern friends think good ole "Condoleeza Rice" is the name of a new nigger food, like Uncle Bens, Aunt Jemina, or Strom Thurmonds' Mulatto Crunch(ten times the hypocrit, half the race).
So, I, your ever watchful friend, have decided to help you, the American public along in your decision of choosing the Democratic candidate.

First up, Howard Dean.
Alright, you all know him as the frontrunner. He's the leader of this party. The place the democrats are going. Which is fine if you want to go to a place where you're either democratic or being killed for believing in different ideals. At first, I thought Howard Dean might make some sense. Despite his democratic tendancies. However, when your campaign consists of nothing but saying that the American Flag doesn't belong to Republicans whom you personally have issues with, then I have to restate my opinion. The decision of who runs your country shouldn't be placed upon a giant smear campaign, rather it should be placed upon how the candidate addresses the issues. Now, if the issue was as to whom the American Flag belonged to and why Rush Limbaugh isn't your best friend, well, Howard Dean would be the best for the job. Unfortunately, the issues range from what to do with the crisis caused by this administration in international affairs to how to save our economy from total collapse. Actually, this is a smooth transition to...
John Kerry. Now, normally, I critique politicians based upon their stance on the issues. However, before I can do this, I must say, what the fuck is with this guys' face? Have you ever seen a face as ugly and repulsive as this one? How'd he get that Heinz chick to marry him and give him all her money? Maybe it's a good thing that he knows how to deceive people to his advantage, yet, if he ran this country, I wouldn't be able to get over that droopy face. Jesus, took me two years to get over Dubyas' ears. Then, you have his whole "I was a veteran" bullshit. What a load of...oh lets just say shit. Veteran? Since when did hiding in a grass shack with Vietnamese prostitutes turn into being a veteran? You shoot blanks in bed, how do you expect to shoot bullets on a field? Ha, you couldn't penetrate a cheesy hooker on her last dime, let alone penetrate enemy lines. Why don't you go back to licking your ketchup covered fortune built upon lies and leave us good Americans alone?
Then we've got the rest of the candidates who I'm sure you haven't heard of. So, without further ado:
Dennis Kucinich. I saw a woman wearing a pin promoting him and thought that it was something her son had made for her in art school.
Joe Lieberman. His partner screwed him over and then Al Gore endorsed Howard Dean. OH SNAP!
Dick Gephardt. I'm sorry, but, I don't want the leader of Aryan Nation running my country under this assumed alias.
General Wesley Clark. The Republicans pissed him off, so now he's running to be spiteful. What a woman. Not only that, his own troops hated him. And the public is supposed to love him now?
John Edwards. He announced his candidacy on the Daily Show. I don't think I need to say more.
And now, the obligatory Nigger woman candidate, Carol Mosley Braun. She's only here to fill a space in the status quo, left empty by Elizabeth Dole(thank god). She uses her family to debate issues in 20 minute long stories that have a hardly discernable point somewhere in them. Lets face it, no one wants a woman running the country. Their place is in the kitchen, not in the Oval Office. Plus she's a nigger. Yah, enough said.
Now I know you're scratching your heads. "All these candidates suck, how am I supposed to vote?". Well, this is where I help. For, there is one candidate we have completely forgotten. The true winner of the Democratic Party, the man you have all been waiting for: The Reverend Al Sharpton.
Yes, Al Sharpton. Now, some may say "He's just a crazy watermelon eater." But for those of us more educated in politics, we know better. Al Sharpton is the future. Not only does he possess the intelligence we need in the Whitehouse, he also possesses the ideal male physique to be modelled by his people. A man of principal and fried chicken, Al is sure to never let us down. So, vote for a winner.

Yes, now you're more educated to go out there and choose your Democratic candidate. And I'm sure this unbiased(vote Sharpton) report has helped you along in your decision. Have fun at the polls and remember, a vote for a nigger is never a vote for progress.

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Tuesday, December 30th, 2003
11:11 pm
www.free6.com, The T's-The V's
I've attempted to get this entry rolling many times, but keep getting foiled. I might even tonight. However, let me tell you, it just keeps getting better and better, except for when it gets worse of course. Lets hope for a good night so I can get you the other entries I have in mind. Plus more porn, always more porn.






Well sure, it isn't any www.teengirlszone.com(don't go there unless you like 5 year old porn...what am I saying, you read this...GO THERE) however, that isn't too bad. The girls are fairly hot and most are teens. Some you can tell are in their 20's however and it ruins the jailbait fantasy for me. I cannot beat off to some 25 year old crackwhore damnit!
Rating out of 10~ 4






Wow, nice. Albeit some of the tits were saggy and/or dinnerplates, most were firm, hot, and hit you like BOOM, Touch actin' TITaction. Yes, puns ahoy.
Rating out of 10~ 6






It had just dildos? I know those are toys, but, those are also used in every category. Like teens, most of the girls should've gone in blondes or babes or whatever. However, unlike teens, it didn't have a lot of hot highschool(graduates) chicks. I thought this would be fetish, with blowup dolls, and maybe even using GI Joe as a dildo. Uncreative and same old same old, with good tits at best.
Rating out of 10~ 2






Wow, nice. It lacks the undercover(James Bond) quality of voyeurism, but, still. Every so often, the nondirect, foreplay-esque look up a chicks' skirt is nice. And this category proves it.
Rating out of 10~ 4







Voyeur/Spycam is OK. I mean, sure, it includes that element of paranoia, suspicion, and betrayl which i love in my porn, but it lacks something. Public nudity? Rocks. Evil men spying on innocent girls? Rocks. Voyeur/Spycam?
Rating out of 10~ 7(Rocks)

There you go. I finally pumped this out. Yes, it came. Spraying all over your poor, little, defenseless screens. I hope this gives you something to jack off to(or rub your nipples/clit to) til the final summary of www.free6.com. Then our porn saga shall - sadly - cum to an end.

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Thursday, November 27th, 2003
9:31 pm
Ok, obligatory holiday rant(rave review). I don't know. I don't feel right doing a porn review here, on my grandparents' computer. So, instead, Happy Turkey Day! I think a history lesson is in order:
1600's early on: The Pilgrims are all "Dude, I'm sick of this King James the 1st guy, he's such a total bitch." and then King James is all "Well, fine, I don't like you undermining my divine right power anyways, so, STFU! YAH, GET ON THE MAYFLOWER AND GO!". King James wasn't friendly, but the Puritans were crazy, so, lets do a balance.
1620: Puritans land on Plymouth Rock. This becomes a MONUMENT in US history, and, if you live on Cape Cod, you have to take ten million field trips to it. Hott ;o!
1600's after landing on Plymouth Rock: The Puritans decide to have a feast with their new Indian friends. Then they realize that these red bastards are a bunch of dirty fools, get them drunk, and steal their land. Go Pilgrims!
Now: Plymouth Plantation stands along with a recreation of the Mayflower.
Yes, that's the history of Thanksgiving. See, the Pilgrims were fed up with King James the 1st becasue he acted too Catholic for their extremist tendancies, re:: he had a Catholic wife. So, they got pissy and stormed off on the Mayflower toward Virginia. Unfortunately, when you have PMS to the MAX, you can't steer to well, so they ended up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It was all "Fuck, the Hell, gay Indians and stupid land. SHIT MILES!". But, eventually they got to Plymouth and made a nice little colony(most of them died). Then, Squanto came and helped them because every story needs a minority figure. Squanto proceeded to teach Whitey how to cultivate the land and in return, Whitey massacred more of his people. Then, to make up for it, they stole Squanto's people's food and had themselves a big feast in which they said they invited all the Indians, but we know for damn well they stuffed them and roasted them over an open fire with chestnuts.
So, Thanksgiving is to commemorate when your ancestors burned Indians and ate them like the fowl creatures they are. Be proud of your heritage, it's the only thing you'll have when those Indians come to roast you up.

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Friday, October 24th, 2003
3:46 pm
Hell Forums.
Hi, and welcome to Hell forums. I'm the Administrator, Satan. Please feel free to browse any of the following forums, or, register your soul with me, and condemn yourself to whichever one you'd wish. As long as you have good contributions and, please, don't spam.

Purgatory (Your Mother):
Mods- XdamienX, 666ish, angrydemon

This forum is where all souls who used the insult "Your Mother" or something just as lame in life are condemned. Forever they will have to search Google for "Meaning of Life" and read through each and every entry.
"So, wut r u here 4?"
"LOL d00d, i sed ur MOM n they put me here!"

Circle 1(Chicks who can't cyber but try to anyways):
Mods- XdamienX, Lucifera, Bill

This forum is self explanatory, but, for all you dumbfucks...
This is where souls who go into chat rooms, get horny old 40 year old men like myself thinking "hey, i could get some good cyber off this girl" and then go off and proceed to bitch about their mothers are condemned. These souls will have to forever give cyber sex only to be told they suck and be beaten by angry old men, like me.
[chat room...Teens]
"ew, go away"
"Hey, so, carlos, what?"
"Hey baby ;)"
"lol, hi"
"so, wanna suck my cock???"
"*gets naked*"
"Get sucking"
"So lame..."

Circle 2(People who communicate through nothing but Smileys):
Mods- XdamienX, grrrpower, apocolypsed

This forum is where people who have conversation using only Smileys and Emoticans go. The words "hi" and other monosyllabic junk don't count as words, so, enjoy souls! The people condemned here will have smiles placed upon their faces forever by painful metal work and be chased by (6).
":) hey"
":( u r mean :'("
"oh, soz, :) :) :)"
"(K) bye"
"bye :("

Circle 3(Stupid screennames):
Mods- MrMean, PAEIN, Sillypuss

We've all seen them. Someone with a stupid screenname or something completely overused, can we get some examples for our souls please. These people, since they used something too much or were too gay, will be forever fucked up the ass by someone who keeps saying "Harder, Harder, Harder, Harder, Harder, Harder" and they themselves will be forced to say into infinity "Faster, Faster, Faster, Faster, Faster, Faster".
"Place gay quote with :)'s at the end here"

Circle 4(Anyone who asks "ASL?"):
Mods- MyNameIsEvil, supersizedass, PAEIN

For all those asses out there who ask "ASL?" or, for MSN junkies, (?), this is the Circle for you. If you ever said "Name?" "Age?" "Sex?" "Location?" or any phrase deemed "gay" by me, than, you will be sentenced to stay here for all eternity, constantly moving from place to unnamable place while being asked "ASL?" "ASL?" "ASL?".
"OMg, HI!!!!"

Circle 5(People who spam you with annoying links):
Mods- XdamienX, PAEIN, Arachnaephobia

Ever gotten a really annoying link? Or one that you just didn't want(hey, annoying?)? Or one to Goatse which everyone has seen about a million times? How about one that opens up 10 new windows per window so you have to reboot your entire system? Yes? Then this is where you belong. The souls here are eternally punished to view Bad Links while (6)'s pry apart their skulls as their links did to me.
"OMG, GO HERE http://www.goatse.cx"

Circle 6(Anyone who lists in their user profile that they are from Egypt or anywhere in the Middle East):
Mods- PAEIN, your_mom, sickwidget

That's just silly. People in Egypt and the Middle East don't have computers. Anyone fag enough to do this will forever be chased by Towelheads(Sandniggers) while listening to quotes from the Koran. PWNED!!!111!!!

Circle 7(Anyone who tells you to look at their LJ):
Mods- XdamienX, hiroshimawasfunny, Poo

No one cares about your life. No one thinks you're insanely hilarious and can write like no one before you. Die all LJ linkers! For the rest of eternity, you will be forced to work out to Richard Simmons whilst being fed Lobster Icecream so that you stay fat and yet don't get something tasty.
"I'm so kool"

Circle 8(Wiggers):
Mods- XdamienX, PAEIN, your_mom

Wiggers are annoying in life, and you'd think, this must be where they stop...right? Nooooo. However, there are so *many* of these souls, that they must be divided into Bolgia's. Mmmyep.

Bolgia 1 of Circle 8(Wiggers who try to make you listen to their music):

They don't listen to good music. Yet they try to make you download it, or worse, buy the CD's. For this, they will be forever made to listen to anti-wigger music(Cannibal Corpse) while Elliot Smith stabs them with knives.
"OMG, Dr.Dre iz so KOOOL!"

Bolgia 2 of Circle 8(Wiggers who won't leave you alone):

They keep at you with their stupidity and if you reprimand them, they verbally "abuse" you. Hello, I could be getting very bad cyber here! For this, you souls will be condemned to forever having to watch Michael Jackson be hoarded by beautiful women, ready to give him cyber sex, only to turn them down for Bubbles. Then, the beautiful women will come to you, but when you pull down your pants, your genitals will be cut off and replaced by the Goatse man hole itself.
"go away"
"no nigga"
"you're white"
"yes, you are"
"fuk u nigga, i b blak n u cnt stp me"

Bolgia 3 of Circle 8(Wigger Princesses):

The Wiggers do not sustain themselves however through only their male population. This is why we have the Wigger Princesses, the female Wiggers who do nothing but have sex, produce more wigger offspring, and smoke pot whilst drinking very watered down bacardi. For producing wiggerspawn, these bitches will be forever condemned to have Eminem lyrics played out on their bodies. And believe me, he says some pretty awful things having to do with women and killing of women.
"Lol, omg, u suk"
"sanika iz so gay"
"I hat hr so muc"
"ya, me 2"

Circle Nine(Al Gore):
Mods- XdamienX, PAEIN, hard_core_porn

Since he invented this thing called the internet, allowing me to create these forums, he gets the ultimate place. The ninth circle. This also includes anyone who believed that Gore really did invent the internet. For this, all you liberal pansies will be chased by Catholics who will try to make you convert by cutting off your genitals and pepperspraying into the open hole.
"I invented the internet."

Thank you for visiting the Hell forums. Come again. Unless you have condemned your soul here. KTHNXBYE!


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Sunday, September 28th, 2003
10:16 pm
www.free6.com, The P's-The S's
Alright, I know I haven't given you your porn. Me and my desensitized ways. I've been living my own porn. Yes. Oh, well. There's been a lot going on, and I haven't had time to bring you some of my favorites(Large, Cartoons, Tits, et cetera) but I'm back and more readier to look at nasty pictures than ever. I really do love some porn, it can be quite artistic. So, without any more rambling...








Oh man, now I know why people spend money on porn! These chicks are some hotties(guys aren't 1/2 bad either)! If you don't like this, you're nuts. I appreciate natural beauty, but this Hollywood thing works too! Porn stars aren't all pretentious snobs, they're pretentioius snobs with nice racks!
Rating out of 10~ 7







Don't hurt the kid. But, do have sex while knocked up! I'd be scarred personally if I was that child, but, hey, I'm not. Looking at pregnant porn is terrific. It's like large ladies, except their bodies are sexy(minus stomach). Maybe it's a Mother complex, but, dude, seriously, hot.
Rating out of 10~ 6

Red Heads:





Eh, redheads was OK at best. As I've said before, it isn't the colour of the hair that makes the word(paraphrasing here). Redheads have a rep for being dirty, but, everyone in porn is dirty, so making that distinction is hard. Another hard distinction can be between Brunettes and Redheads. I found quite a few in that category whom I did not think had carrot coloured hair. I even saw a flamingly blonde one. Redheads wasn't so great.
Rating out of 10~ 3

Shaved Pussies:






Ok, not enough razor to pussy action there. Shaving doesn't really work for me anyways. It's just like...something to do before sex. However, the girls were all shaved, and they were hot taboot!
Rating out of 10~ 5






Loved...it. Simply loved it. If no one knows, I have a Frank'n'Furter obsession(tranny from RHPS) and so, this fulfills my sick little fantasies. Hot breasts with huge(well, maybe not so huge) cocks. Can it get much better than that? We'll see.
Rating out of 10~ 8






Oh yes, that's right, SLAP UP THAT ASS! I guess spanking is alright, kind of just wannabe BDSM though. Still, canings...carpetbeaters...bare hands...raw ass. Nice.
Rating out of 10~ 4

Well, that was constructive. I think I attempted this before but the modem crashed. How sad. Probably too much porn for it to handle! Now, lets say some masturbation and bed time shall we? G'night my sick sick followers.

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Saturday, September 13th, 2003
6:43 pm
Boycott the Record Industry.
This is going out to all who here my call(OMG, IT RHYMED LOLERZ d00d!!).
Anyways, lets head this off. We all know what's going on with Kazaa, it's the same old Napster story except Kazaa isn't consisting of one runner, whereas Napster was, so instead,they're suing users.
Now, I still have Kazaa, but, I'm getting used to using iMesh because, if you don't, you could...like...die man.
So, all Kazaa users are being slowly sued by the government in a stance of scare tactics(I know, damn) and blackmail unseen since...well...since the last time Ted Kennedy was out running over pedestrians while drunk and had to talk his way out of a speeding ticket by telling the cop of the pictures he had of said cop and said cop's homosexual lover raping children. Yes, last night, Ted Kennedy was performing thus such blackmail, because, he's an asshole.
But, enough about Ted Kennedy and HIS blackmail. This is the government and them trying to put their freedom lovers into submission by supporting the MORE EQUAL animals on this farm. Yes my friend, you and I, we are but the equal animals. Musicians are the More Equal animals.
I ask you,are you about to let these pigs(oh, what a metaphor, as these so called "artists" are capatilistic pigs in every way, guzzling back money to afford alcohol that comes priced at $1,000 per bottle) yes, will we let these pigs, destroy our freedom? Are we to live upon our knees licking this aligator skin boots whilst our own plainly clothed feet are left to do not but walk back and forth supporting this money addiction?
We must stop these artists in their tracks! These so called "musicians" have billions(maybe just millions) of dollars: they are rich while we are poor! Yet we are expected to pay taxes while they get away with fraud and then we are persecuted for downloading the slime's "music"?
Not only are they rich my friends, this isn't hurting them! These "songs" which we download aren't costing them too much. They still make billions(millions), people still buy their CD's: it's just easier to listen this way. So, they are still rich, but, they are losing perhaps...$200 per year. Which to THEM is a little, whilst to us, that could make the difference of whether we EAT OR NOT! And we're expected to either pay for their $18.95 CD's or to download them for a price which is almost tantamount to the CD?
Let us not be brought in by their evil wicked ways. PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU! Most of the music isn't good, and the only musicians protesting are the worst of the bunch(can I say Metallica enough times?). If it is all about the money and not the music, than get OUT of the biz. Even the Grateful Dead let people make bootlegs(I know they didn't "let" them persay, but, they did kinda for publicity). That's what downloads are, publicity. And, if you try to stop them, you are a fool.
If it's all about the money and not the music, then...GET OUT OF THE MUSIC INDUSTRY!

My Plan to stop bad musicians(Metallica):

1.) Download songs off Kazaa. They can't stop us all. If the whole country does this, they can't sue everyone, they'll create a system of paupers who will eventually revolt against the capitalist system which is keeping them down. So, please, download songs. Download hundreds, thousands, or...only download what you please. We are free and as free people, we have just as much a right to enjoy a song when we please as anyone else. The radio doesn't play all the songs we want when we want, so, please, let us have the freedom of our hearing senses. If I want to listen to New York New York or Brat In the Frat or the Daria theme song or anything else for that matter, I feel as a tax paying American I deserve it. As someone who gets up and works and doesn't plot to overthrow their government, I deserve to listen to free music. I buy CD's, I'm just saying, it's nice to have them when I want them, not when I can afford them. So, download as much as you can, I know I will.

2.) Boycott. Please, from November 3rd to December 26th, do NOT purchase a single CD, 8track, Cassette, DVD(yah, it counts), Video, Vinyl, or anything that supports the music industry. I will not be buying people CD's this year, you shouldn't either. If we stop buying CD's, we can actually keep the record industry from...*gasp*...making money! If they don't make money, the little "artists" will lose more money than with downloads. This should either cause their demise or their eventual commonsense, which will make them allow free music downloads. We as a people have already criminalized too much, do we want to include listening to music and gaining enjoyment amongst crimes?
We should not make more criminals by creating more laws, we should create more free men by abolishing the superfluous laws.
So, please, if you lose music, be it rock, jazz, bluegrass, country, hip hop, pop, rap, classic rock, flashback, techno, or any other genre, BOYCOTT! We can turn them around, we just have to unite for freedom. Please, UNITE! BOYCOTT ON NOVEMBER THIRD TO DECEMBER TWENTYSIXTH! Buy your family books or chocolate or jewlery, but do NOT support an industry that does NOT support you!

3.) Show this bad review to everyone you know, as we need a boycott!

Thank you for your time! Fight the man who has restrained your freedom. Ayn Rand would even agree with my, for by trying to make you pay, they are trying to make your collectivist group. But if you can be what you want for free, if you can make your own personal mix, than you are an individualist. And, in the end, it all come's down to being who you are, be it by music, political stance, or literary tendancies. Please, boycott. Not for me, but for yourself, and the future of YOUR music!

Johnny Cash would agree. Old Blue Eyes would agree. The King would agree. Do it for those who made it!(Boycott starts the 3rd of November)

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Tuesday, August 19th, 2003
9:13 pm
www.free6.com, The M's-The O's
Another update, this time, coming at a time when I need to get my mind off of how much I suck. So (pun approaching) we're going to focus on how other's suck!

Mature women/men:







Haha, scared yet? I'm not. Horny? Hell ya! It's so weird, again, it's lovely as death. Although, I didn't see any "mature" men, so, I can't really give this category it's due.
Rating out of 10~ 5





Well, I liked it. I mean sure, the pictures could've gone into other categories, but hell, variety is the spice of life. Some people might like varied porn instead of the same Bi/Anal/Whatever over and over.
Rating out of 10~ 6





Now, this was quite an interesting category I must say. There were still the inherent pictures, but, when you opened the links, they led to...smutty films. I'm not sure if those links will work for you, but *wink*, they worked for me! Still, I didn't like too much the downloading and likes. Points off!
Rating out of 10~ 4


What? Where's the porn? This is just how you set your language on free6. I just found that out. Damn. So, no written smut for those of you who look forward to advancing your reading skills whilst indulging in the pleasures of mental masturbation. Apologies. They really need a button for setting the language outside of the bar.
Rating out of 10~ -0(oooh, ironic)







Well, since I love oralsex, this category really fits my style, ya dig? But, the category tended to end up in actual sex, so, rating goes down.
Rating out of 10~ 5

Well, that's well and done. We've got a few more coming(cumming, haha). Yup, I'm off...and...well...*off*.

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6:27 am
My Plan to catch The Sniper.
Ok, we all watch the news here, right?
Well, if you don't, you aren't going to be filled in.
So, that sniper who's killing everyone needs to be stopped. GW won't do it! All those old bastards in the White House won't do it! So, it's obviously, after process of elimination, left up to me.
Now, here's my plan, to catch...The Sniper.

1) Get into The Sniper's mind:
Lets face it, Mr.Sniper is probably some acne ridden teen who wanted to be infamous. He probably gets beat up at school, goes home and plays Zelda, then drinks Dr.Pepper, eats cheetos, and dies(til the next day of course). We must review in short, what a day for Mr.Sniper is like.
*Mr.Sniper goes to school*
"Hey there *one of the Sniper's peers*"
*punch in the gut*
*Mr.Sniper cries and gets a wedgie*
*Mr.Sniper goes to class and gets STRAIGHT A++++'s*
*Mr.Sniper, who I'm assuming is 17, takes his little old station wagon home, crying all the way*
*Mr.Sniper eats a brownie*
*Mr.Sniper goes and takes a shit and doesn't wipe his ass*
*Mr.Sniper plays Zelda*
*Mr.Sniper grabs some Dr.Pepper and Cheetos*
*Mr.Sniper, respectfully, dies*
So, Mr.Sniper, what with all the shit taking and wedgie getting he receives, must have developed a keen hatred of humanity. Not to mention, Mr.Sniper's a violent video game addict. That little thing from Zelda may not look too damned violent, but when provoked...well, lets not divulge that little secret.
2)Offer The Sniper something he'd like:
So, it's simple, to catch The Sniper, you must give him something he'd enjoy. To put it simple, leave a trail of video games outside a gas station. Sure, a bunch of geeks will come, but look for the one with a fucking rifle.
3)Get to know his victims:
Now, we think these are all random shootings, but, I know better. The Sniper is shooting people who have something he'd like. Unlike your forensics experts and power rangers up in Washington, I've dug a little deeper. If you notice what all those people had purchased, I think you'd be pleasantly surprised.
That's right!
So, The Sniper isn't taking out innocent civilians. He's taking out innocent civilians with his junky food that he eats after playing Zelda before he dies.
4)Now, how will we know we lured the right geek with a rifle? Complicated, yes. Impossible, no. We will eat Dr.Pepper and Cheetos in front of said geek until he either shoots us or asks if he can go die. If he does the former more so than the latter, we will have our guy.
I'm not volunteering for this part, because if The Sniper does shoot, I'm not taking a bullet for the hometeam.
What, get realistic.

See, see how well my Sniper catching plan works out. Our alternative, as always, is to let him wear himself out til he can kill no longer.

But that's no fun, and then I'm just stuck here, drinking Dr.Pepper, eating Cheetos, and playing Zelda.

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Monday, August 18th, 2003
9:36 pm
Inferno, Bad Review Style.

Circle I Limbo

Circle II Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind

Circle III Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow

Goddamn Chinks
Circle IV Rolling Weights

Circle V Stuck in Mud, Mangled

River Styx

Fucking Arabs
Circle VI Buried for Eternity

River Phlegyas

Circle VII Burning Sands

Circle IIX Immersed in Excrement

Circle IX Frozen in Ice

Design your own hell

Now, lets see:

Canadians: Do I need to explain aboot this one buddy?
Whitey: He's been getting on my nerves...
Christians: We create God. We support the KKK! We are the fucking KKK! Worship us, give us money, but don't look to us for answers!
Goddamn Chinks: Oh, much gratitude forgeeving one...
Fags: We're here, we're queer, GET USED TO IT!
Fucking Arabs: Be Muslim or get out. Pssh, I'll blow you up because Allah says so.
Jews: Worshipping candles? What dumbfucks...
Dykes: Holy shit, shave your fucking pits and stop burning effigees of men!
Niggers: NAACP can kiss my fucking ass.


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Tuesday, August 12th, 2003
11:03 pm
www.free6.com, The H's-The L's
Ack, haven't done a real porn review in a while. Should do good reviews, but, that defeats the purpose. Lets proceed, shall we? Just feel lucky that I'm able to look at this much porn without going blind...wait...that's...mastur...something else.






Ok, lets start this off with...WEAK!
What the hell is that? "Hardcore"? I've seen more HARDCORE action at a McDonald's playground! This is just the same as the babes or that bullshit. It should all be classified with the other porn instead of getting a category which it SO doesn't deserve. I mean, please, take a thorough look at those pictures. When it said "hardcore", I expect Kiddie porn and rape, not this pussy bs(oooh, inuendo). Free6 actually doesn't have rape, which will definitely bring down it's overall review if I ever get to that.
Rating out of 10~ 2

Lack Leather Latex:





Hmm, this is only slightly better than hardcore and that's only because the name isn't as deceptive. Most of Lack Leather Latex belongs in Bondage and the rest of it belongs in Babes or Bi or whatever the hell category they want. It's just girls in leather stripping. How is that it's own category? They're just as hot.
Rating out of 10~ 3

Large Ladies:








Holy Hell, is it wrong to LOVE Large Ladies? Because I do! Shit, this category is true to it's name and provides some of the biggest fucking girls(can you really be woman when your pussy isn't visible?) in the universe! Maybe it's just because I am a sicko and the worse looking, the better. I wouldn't fuck one of 'em, but I'd look at 'em fucking themselves.
Rating out of 10~ 9






What? Latin chicks are damn fine. The category at least advertises correctly what it's selling, so to speak. Hells bells, I don't mind watching a bunch of fucking Mexicans getting it on. Especially if they are as stacked as these dolls.
Rating out of 10~ 8





Ok, as we go along, we get better. Again, it's all girls, so the name isn't misleading. The pictures are hot, but, I was kinda hoping to see *real* lesbians. You know, like the butch chicks in P-town.
Rating out of 10~ 6

Ok, that's it for now. I'll be back of course. Maybe I'll take a break from porn. And, would someone other than me fucking do a badreview? Not that I mind all the porn...

Mmm, I get to do the M's next. That means Mature. That better mean Grandma porn or I'm suing.

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Thursday, August 7th, 2003
6:15 pm
The book "Hiroshima" by John Hersey is, to be blunt, a pile of crap. I could probably cram more intelligence into my head by reading a 5 year old's essay on "Sparkle Pony my friend" than by reading this load of bullshit.
The vocabulary is weak, the writing can't carry a thought for a sentence, and oh, did I happen to mention this sucks?
The same thought is repeated over and over, not that that in and of itself is bad, but when you are doing it in the basic same words, it gets annoying. Constant repetition and redunancy (look, it's a demonstration) are not what I want.
I could've written this or something of higher quality when I was seven. Jesus, please, gloss over a bloody dictionary would you?
The only thing this book has going for it is it's gore. Gore saves it from my worst review ever.
Out of People's lives destroyed by atomic bombs, this books get a:
Negative five million!

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Monday, July 14th, 2003
9:52 pm
Too many badreviews, I know, but, what are you going to do about it?
That's what I thought.
I was reading "Justice Rip Van Winkle" in the back of Newsweek and something she said really caught my eye. Her opening comments about how our judicial system is controlled by whitey and how we aren't exactly racially equal.
I'm sorry, but, what the hell please?
I'm sick of hearing every ethnicity bitch about everything ever. I mean, seriously, so, your people were oppressed? Deal with it please.
Almost everyone had oppressed ancestors at one point or another and I'm sick of hearing about how only blacks, injuns, and taco eating freaks are the only people who were oppressed. My family came from poverty in Eastern Europe and Ireland. We did not have an easy start in the county. But because my skin is white, it's assumed that the world is my silver platter.
Not all white people have it easy, but, it's a blanket statement which is just as racist as anything else, but because I'm pale I'm supposed to take it?
No thanks.
Some nigger makes a joke about whitey in a movie, and I'm supposed to laugh, but some news reporter slips up and says that "black men" were at a crime scene instead of "african american people" I'm supposed to feel incensed that the nigger is kept down?
Why should I insult myself? This is self protection here. I'm going to obviously feel inclined to protect myself. Not my race, but myself. Just so happens I'm white. Should I repent for my skin? No.
I don't think that the woman who wrote the article had any right to say that we aren't free because we aren't overrun by blacks. Sure, I'm all for blacks in politics, but, if they don't get elected, too damn bad.
This is my issue with everything concerning racial rights. It turns into the more qualified guy getting spit upon and turned out so some halfwit can fill his spot. I'm not going to just take this. Fuck anyone who thinks that qualified people should be turned down because of skin color.
In a truly equal society, it won't be skin that gets you elected. And as much as black rights activists want to think, they want to be elected because they are black.
I say we have human activists who kill all other activists so we can have a democracy and not a skin color contest.

God bless America, home of subliminal Racism.

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Sunday, July 13th, 2003
6:56 pm
Yes, we're taking a break from porn because it's too hot outside for me to be horny. So, lets focus on a hot fire topic here:

Now, for my readers who can't seem to comprehend the word "abortion" outside of it's context in an action/adventure movie (abort the plan!), an abortion, as defined by www.dictionary.com is:
Termination of pregnancy and expulsion of an embryo or of a fetus that is incapable of survival.
Any of various procedures that result in such termination and expulsion. Also called induced abortion.

So,do we all get it now?


My stance on abortion is that it's fine. I'm not in favor of it for birth control for some floozie who gets pregnant every other day, but for the person who's made a mistake or just isn't ready, I say, here here! Lets look at it like this:
There's a woman who barely makes enough to support herself. She gets knocked up and then realizes that, hey, she can't support this kid. Now, what are you really going to do in a situation like this? Are you going to say, hey lady, too fucking bad, you can't get an abortion because our God(lets not get into religion), says that it's not right for you to terminate this human life. I mean, face it, a fetus isn't exactly human considering it possesses no memories whatsoever. Now, back to little miss whore. She's got this pregnancy. If this kid is born, it'll be born into misery, bloody fucking misery. It'll never have cool toys, it'll probably be on welfare, and the mother will probably go off and beat it. This child will never have full advantages and is more likely to end up in prison which only contributes to the overcrowding in our prison system. I say that it's worse to enforce misery upon a human life than to just end it before the pain of poverty sets in.
Also, look at our Earth. Take a damn look. We have problems everywhere with overpopulation and yet there are people still advocating bringing more people into this world where we are packed together like sardines.
Or what about the woman who has some horrible disease and the child gets it while developing as a fetus. Now, I say that the child should definitely be aborted as it'll die soon anyways, or, if it doesn't, my tax dollars will be going towards medicating the sonnuva filthy bitch.
There are so many sides to abortion and I think that the government trying to blanket statement it is completely wrong. I also think the government has no say in it. I say that it's completely a woman's choice and that men shouldn't even have a vote on it. Seriously, if the man wants to turn away and leave the woman to raise the child, he can, but the woman is stuck with the kid. So, it should be a completely feminine issue in life, if not Congress. I don't think Congress should be involved though as the government telling people what to do with their bodies is wrong.
Ok, this has such a libertarian spiel to it. I'm going to end it, but, if anyone has an opinion on this, please, submit a badreview of your own. I really do encourage it.

Abortions for everyone.

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Saturday, June 21st, 2003
8:14 pm
www.free6.com, The C's-The G's.
Now, I have to condense C-G because there are only 5 between C and G, so, there. It's my sexy review, I do what I want.

You stupid bitch.





First we had the Disney cartoons. I love it because I can identify the main players and because seeing innocence degraded to such a degree really gets me going.





Then we had the kind of not so mainstream cartoons, but, they work. Oh dear lord do they work. That black guy is built man...




And of course, anime. You cannot, and I stress this, cannot have a porn site without anime. It's not possible. Now, I'm going to go watch anime chicks get banged by pokemon, excuse me.
Rating out of 10~ 7



I hated celebs. Seriously. Firstly, I think there are far hotter people than celebs. And, well, there werne't any actual naked pictures really and if there were, you couldn't prove it was them. I was trying to figure out if it was really Cameron Diaz, but, whatever.
Rating out of 10~ 1

Fetish, Bizarre,& Weird:









Holy Shit, is it wrong that I loved this? I mean, seriously. This category not only has variety, it has some hot shit that I'd hit. In no time. Man oh man. It's so different that it's great!
Rating out of 10~ 9





I want to lie back and moan after seeing some of this. This may not be appreciated by all, but, some of that shit was nice.
Rating out of 10~ 8







Ok, that, that was bitching. I swear, this is something I want to see. Some black guys hung like a horse basically demolishing the women; I love it.
Rating out of 10~ 7

These categorys, C-G, these got probably the highest overall ratings yet. I honestly suggest you look at these. Especially the last 3. Oh man, I'm off.

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Friday, June 20th, 2003
6:48 pm
www.free6.com, The B's.
Ok, our wonderful saga continues with more actual reviews! I could do some long spiel that would turn into you killing yourself, but, lets just do this thing, mmkay?
The B's:





I wasn't too big on Babes, as, just like amateurs, it includes things that just should go in different categorys, like, Blondes, or some other category that would suit it, but, it's just like a bunch of people being shoved together into a stupid useless category. It annoyed me greatly.
Rating out of 10~ 3





I personally enjoyed the Bi part of the site. Instead of just women, we got to see men being portrayed as sexual objects too! It was rather nice and there was quite a bit of variety. However, a lot of the men were balding so, points get taken off.
Rating out of 10~ 6





I liked Bikini against all better judgement. Despite the fact that the girls tend to strip down and some of the pictures verge on the line between Bondage/Fetish and Bikini, it was good.
Rating out of 10~ 4





I liked the black section too. The B's seem to be coming out with better ratings than the A's. But, seriously, black chicks are fine.
Rating out of 10~ 7






Holy Hell. I don't want this to be taken the wrong way, like favoritism or something because I'm blonde, but, shit man, those girls were fucking hot as hell. Well, except for that last picture. But, I mean, HOLY HELL!
Rating out of 10~ 9






Eh. It was ok. Some of the pictures were really nice and went with the theme, but some were just disgusting and had nothing to do with BDSM, and then some of them were just off topic and should've been in some idiotic category like Babes. It was alright.
Rating out of 10~ 4





Brunettes were ok. I mean, the girls were nice looking and all. I can't really rate this with much vigor though because it was only OK.
Rating out of 10~ 2

The B's were bi (haha) far better than the A's. I seriously suggest you go look at Babes rather than Amateurs and Blondes rather than Babes. The further down you go (deary me I'm funny), the better it gets. So, go on, whack off, you know you wanna.

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Thursday, June 19th, 2003
11:00 pm
Bad Reviews Inc. is finally in full swing. Submit your rants and reviews.

Current Mood: crazy
10:50 pm
Porn at www.free6.com. The A's.
Before we get into this, I didn’t not enjoy doing this. I loved doing this. I got bored of “reviewing” things I don’t really like, so, I decided to review websites. Actually, to review my favourite porn site. www.free6.com. Free6 doesn’t make it’s own porn, rather borrows from the best of the other porn sites and shows you for free. Now, there are way too many things on this site to do it all in one entry, so, we’re doing segments. First segment, the A’s.




You know, I don’t like amateurs that much. Firstly, the fact that they’re amateurs is a lie in most scenarios. And anyone can fake being an amateur. Seriously, it’s pictures for crying outloud. And then, half the pictures in there belong in different categories. I don’t think amateurs really even deserves a category at all. It’s so fucked up, ignore the pun.
Rating out of 10~ 2





Ok, I like the anal photos. They all have to do with the category given to them and they are really fucking sexy photos in my opinion. The way they are done is…masterful. I like the sagas leading up to the eventual penetration. My only complaint is that the girls have a tendency towards ugly and the guys have a tendency towards gay. Other than that, anal is one of the better A’s.
Rating out of 10~ 7




I wasn’t too impressed with the animal part of Free6. Firstly, there was too little variety. All the animals were horses or dogs. And, they really didn’t get good close-ups of anything outside of blowjobs. If I want to be beastalitized, I want it done correctly damnit, and Free6 didn’t do too well. Back on the variety part though, there was one thing shaking it up, the goat:

Rating out of 10~ 3




I liked Asian. It wasn’t the best, I’ll say that, but, it was ok. The girls can seem slutty without being so and you can’t tell if the guys are gay or not, so, it was pretty OK. Now, there wasn’t much outside of masturbation, but the few 69ers were nice. I’m really disappointed though that it wasn’t preceded by Anime which I hope will be in the Cartoon section.
Rating out of 10~ 5

Ass (Butts):




Now, I am not personally a fan of Ass (Butts) because looking at just the ass doesn’t seem at all sexual. I’m much more in favor of Anal, as the pictures are more, pun coming, in depth. You’d expect some anal penetration in Ass (Butts) as there is a lot of repetition on Free6, but, no. It’s all pictures of asses. Not that some aren’t sweet asses, just that I’d rather look at Anal.
Rating out of 10~ 4

That’s it for today, all your fucking A’s. Go off and jerk off on www.free6.com.
10:50 pm
How to tell someone you dislike them...
You have friends. You probably love your friends don't you? But, isn't there that one friend that just tweaks you? That one you just want to shoot? This is probably a good indicator that you don't like them - at all as a matter of fact.
Isn't that happy? Now you know why you seem to be tweaked by said friend. Now you are no longer in ignorant...non-bliss. You have knowledge.
But now, how do you tell said friend that you hate them to no end. Well, my "friend", there are many approaches to this. Lets roll the examples shall we:

I hate you because...

1: You smell. Dear God, to no end do we hate people because of their odor. Yes, this is a great one. Go up to your "friend" and compliment them on smelling like horsedung and then tell them they should try skunk as it is an unappreciated scent. That stupid freeloader will learn fast. Hell, they don't even have to smell. Tell them they have BO and they'll believe you. Kudos if you do this one with creativity.

2: You're fat. Yes, why do you want to be friends with the quintissential fat kid? This kid fails gym for chrissakes. I mean, there's chubby and then there's fat. Seriously, this kid is fatter than a white rapper back in 1998. They can't keep up and usually talk in grunts. And these grunts are all about food. Dump the loser. My suggestion is "Hey, eating disorders are back in this season. You should probably try to follow the latest trend."
Fucking lardasses.

3: You're a whore/bastard. Yes, the ever popular playground swearing. Just be upfront. Besides, the person is probably a total slut and wears too much makeup, or, in the male case, is a total womanizer. You should beat them after they burst into tears because they just lost you, super cool you, as their friend. You egotistical bastard, wait, that one is coming up. Well, just call them a whore. They'll probably believe it. As everyone and his uncle is a whore nowadays. Hell, you're probably a whore. Stop reading this, stupid whore. WHORE WHORE WHORE!

4: You're selfish(self-absorbed and "egomaniac" also count). Yes, now this is one that is, in my opinion, understated in it's greatness. Mainly because it's true. And people hate telling people the truth. Everyone is a selfish, horrible, puppy torturing person...just some more than others. And, chances are, if you're honest, the person won't care. Because then they'll know they can be open about their egotistic nature and go off and be jerks and no one will care and this sentence has far to many "and"s to be a sentence and why are you still reading this you self absorbed freak?

5: You talk shit about me. Yes, this is a great reason. You can always nail someone for talking shit about you. Look at this example:
Nora told Marcia about her super special fun lovin' session with her boyfriend. Marcia told Cindy that Nora was in love and had physically professed it to her boyfriend. Cindy tells Nora that Marcia is calling her a dirty slut.
See, see how you can twist people's words?
Nora then proceeded to bitch out Marcia who was hurt and confused and fortunately killed herself.
You can make anything people say into shit talked about you. So, do it...now.

6: You are stupid. Is your friend illiterate? Can you not stand to listen to their bad grammar any longer? Is the lack of a vocabulary starting to get to you? Is every word they say "uhhhhhhh"? Well then great, you can leave 'em for being dumb as an ox...and twice as ugly.

7: You have a stupid name. This is even worse. Who wants to be friends with the local "Thadius" or "Maureen" or "Eugene". I mean, seriously, what gross names. I say you kill them after you tell them you are ending your friendship because of that stupid name.

8: I hate you.
Oh, that was directed toward the reader.
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