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Now, I have to condense C-G because there are only 5 between C and G, so, there. It's my sexy review, I do what I want.

You stupid bitch.


First we had the Disney cartoons. I love it because I can identify the main players and because seeing innocence degraded to such a degree really gets me going.

Then we had the kind of not so mainstream cartoons, but, they work. Oh dear lord do they work. That black guy is built man...

And of course, anime. You cannot, and I stress this, cannot have a porn site without anime. It's not possible. Now, I'm going to go watch anime chicks get banged by pokemon, excuse me.
Rating out of 10~ 7


I hated celebs. Seriously. Firstly, I think there are far hotter people than celebs. And, well, there werne't any actual naked pictures really and if there were, you couldn't prove it was them. I was trying to figure out if it was really Cameron Diaz, but, whatever.
Rating out of 10~ 1

Fetish, Bizarre,& Weird:

Holy Shit, is it wrong that I loved this? I mean, seriously. This category not only has variety, it has some hot shit that I'd hit. In no time. Man oh man. It's so different that it's great!
Rating out of 10~ 9


I want to lie back and moan after seeing some of this. This may not be appreciated by all, but, some of that shit was nice.
Rating out of 10~ 8


Ok, that, that was bitching. I swear, this is something I want to see. Some black guys hung like a horse basically demolishing the women; I love it.
Rating out of 10~ 7

These categorys, C-G, these got probably the highest overall ratings yet. I honestly suggest you look at these. Especially the last 3. Oh man, I'm off.
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