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Yes, we're taking a break from porn because it's too hot outside for me to be horny. So, lets focus on a hot fire topic here:

Now, for my readers who can't seem to comprehend the word "abortion" outside of it's context in an action/adventure movie (abort the plan!), an abortion, as defined by is:
Termination of pregnancy and expulsion of an embryo or of a fetus that is incapable of survival.
Any of various procedures that result in such termination and expulsion. Also called induced abortion.

So,do we all get it now?


My stance on abortion is that it's fine. I'm not in favor of it for birth control for some floozie who gets pregnant every other day, but for the person who's made a mistake or just isn't ready, I say, here here! Lets look at it like this:
There's a woman who barely makes enough to support herself. She gets knocked up and then realizes that, hey, she can't support this kid. Now, what are you really going to do in a situation like this? Are you going to say, hey lady, too fucking bad, you can't get an abortion because our God(lets not get into religion), says that it's not right for you to terminate this human life. I mean, face it, a fetus isn't exactly human considering it possesses no memories whatsoever. Now, back to little miss whore. She's got this pregnancy. If this kid is born, it'll be born into misery, bloody fucking misery. It'll never have cool toys, it'll probably be on welfare, and the mother will probably go off and beat it. This child will never have full advantages and is more likely to end up in prison which only contributes to the overcrowding in our prison system. I say that it's worse to enforce misery upon a human life than to just end it before the pain of poverty sets in.
Also, look at our Earth. Take a damn look. We have problems everywhere with overpopulation and yet there are people still advocating bringing more people into this world where we are packed together like sardines.
Or what about the woman who has some horrible disease and the child gets it while developing as a fetus. Now, I say that the child should definitely be aborted as it'll die soon anyways, or, if it doesn't, my tax dollars will be going towards medicating the sonnuva filthy bitch.
There are so many sides to abortion and I think that the government trying to blanket statement it is completely wrong. I also think the government has no say in it. I say that it's completely a woman's choice and that men shouldn't even have a vote on it. Seriously, if the man wants to turn away and leave the woman to raise the child, he can, but the woman is stuck with the kid. So, it should be a completely feminine issue in life, if not Congress. I don't think Congress should be involved though as the government telling people what to do with their bodies is wrong.
Ok, this has such a libertarian spiel to it. I'm going to end it, but, if anyone has an opinion on this, please, submit a badreview of your own. I really do encourage it.

Abortions for everyone.
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