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Another update, this time, coming at a time when I need to get my mind off of how much I suck. So (pun approaching) we're going to focus on how other's suck!

Mature women/men:

Haha, scared yet? I'm not. Horny? Hell ya! It's so weird, again, it's lovely as death. Although, I didn't see any "mature" men, so, I can't really give this category it's due.
Rating out of 10~ 5


Well, I liked it. I mean sure, the pictures could've gone into other categories, but hell, variety is the spice of life. Some people might like varied porn instead of the same Bi/Anal/Whatever over and over.
Rating out of 10~ 6


Now, this was quite an interesting category I must say. There were still the inherent pictures, but, when you opened the links, they led to...smutty films. I'm not sure if those links will work for you, but *wink*, they worked for me! Still, I didn't like too much the downloading and likes. Points off!
Rating out of 10~ 4


What? Where's the porn? This is just how you set your language on free6. I just found that out. Damn. So, no written smut for those of you who look forward to advancing your reading skills whilst indulging in the pleasures of mental masturbation. Apologies. They really need a button for setting the language outside of the bar.
Rating out of 10~ -0(oooh, ironic)


Well, since I love oralsex, this category really fits my style, ya dig? But, the category tended to end up in actual sex, so, rating goes down.
Rating out of 10~ 5

Well, that's well and done. We've got a few more coming(cumming, haha). Yup, I'm off...and...well...*off*.
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