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Ok, our wonderful saga continues with more actual reviews! I could do some long spiel that would turn into you killing yourself, but, lets just do this thing, mmkay?
The B's:


I wasn't too big on Babes, as, just like amateurs, it includes things that just should go in different categorys, like, Blondes, or some other category that would suit it, but, it's just like a bunch of people being shoved together into a stupid useless category. It annoyed me greatly.
Rating out of 10~ 3


I personally enjoyed the Bi part of the site. Instead of just women, we got to see men being portrayed as sexual objects too! It was rather nice and there was quite a bit of variety. However, a lot of the men were balding so, points get taken off.
Rating out of 10~ 6


I liked Bikini against all better judgement. Despite the fact that the girls tend to strip down and some of the pictures verge on the line between Bondage/Fetish and Bikini, it was good.
Rating out of 10~ 4


I liked the black section too. The B's seem to be coming out with better ratings than the A's. But, seriously, black chicks are fine.
Rating out of 10~ 7


Holy Hell. I don't want this to be taken the wrong way, like favoritism or something because I'm blonde, but, shit man, those girls were fucking hot as hell. Well, except for that last picture. But, I mean, HOLY HELL!
Rating out of 10~ 9


Eh. It was ok. Some of the pictures were really nice and went with the theme, but some were just disgusting and had nothing to do with BDSM, and then some of them were just off topic and should've been in some idiotic category like Babes. It was alright.
Rating out of 10~ 4


Brunettes were ok. I mean, the girls were nice looking and all. I can't really rate this with much vigor though because it was only OK.
Rating out of 10~ 2

The B's were bi (haha) far better than the A's. I seriously suggest you go look at Babes rather than Amateurs and Blondes rather than Babes. The further down you go (deary me I'm funny), the better it gets. So, go on, whack off, you know you wanna.
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