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The book "Hiroshima" by John Hersey is, to be blunt, a pile of crap. I could probably cram more intelligence into my head by reading a 5 year old's essay on "Sparkle Pony my friend" than by reading this load of bullshit.
The vocabulary is weak, the writing can't carry a thought for a sentence, and oh, did I happen to mention this sucks?
The same thought is repeated over and over, not that that in and of itself is bad, but when you are doing it in the basic same words, it gets annoying. Constant repetition and redunancy (look, it's a demonstration) are not what I want.
I could've written this or something of higher quality when I was seven. Jesus, please, gloss over a bloody dictionary would you?
The only thing this book has going for it is it's gore. Gore saves it from my worst review ever.
Out of People's lives destroyed by atomic bombs, this books get a:
Negative five million!
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