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Boycott the Record Industry.

This is going out to all who here my call(OMG, IT RHYMED LOLERZ d00d!!).
Anyways, lets head this off. We all know what's going on with Kazaa, it's the same old Napster story except Kazaa isn't consisting of one runner, whereas Napster was, so instead,they're suing users.
Now, I still have Kazaa, but, I'm getting used to using iMesh because, if you don't, you man.
So, all Kazaa users are being slowly sued by the government in a stance of scare tactics(I know, damn) and blackmail unseen since...well...since the last time Ted Kennedy was out running over pedestrians while drunk and had to talk his way out of a speeding ticket by telling the cop of the pictures he had of said cop and said cop's homosexual lover raping children. Yes, last night, Ted Kennedy was performing thus such blackmail, because, he's an asshole.
But, enough about Ted Kennedy and HIS blackmail. This is the government and them trying to put their freedom lovers into submission by supporting the MORE EQUAL animals on this farm. Yes my friend, you and I, we are but the equal animals. Musicians are the More Equal animals.
I ask you,are you about to let these pigs(oh, what a metaphor, as these so called "artists" are capatilistic pigs in every way, guzzling back money to afford alcohol that comes priced at $1,000 per bottle) yes, will we let these pigs, destroy our freedom? Are we to live upon our knees licking this aligator skin boots whilst our own plainly clothed feet are left to do not but walk back and forth supporting this money addiction?
We must stop these artists in their tracks! These so called "musicians" have billions(maybe just millions) of dollars: they are rich while we are poor! Yet we are expected to pay taxes while they get away with fraud and then we are persecuted for downloading the slime's "music"?
Not only are they rich my friends, this isn't hurting them! These "songs" which we download aren't costing them too much. They still make billions(millions), people still buy their CD's: it's just easier to listen this way. So, they are still rich, but, they are losing perhaps...$200 per year. Which to THEM is a little, whilst to us, that could make the difference of whether we EAT OR NOT! And we're expected to either pay for their $18.95 CD's or to download them for a price which is almost tantamount to the CD?
Let us not be brought in by their evil wicked ways. PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU! Most of the music isn't good, and the only musicians protesting are the worst of the bunch(can I say Metallica enough times?). If it is all about the money and not the music, than get OUT of the biz. Even the Grateful Dead let people make bootlegs(I know they didn't "let" them persay, but, they did kinda for publicity). That's what downloads are, publicity. And, if you try to stop them, you are a fool.
If it's all about the money and not the music, then...GET OUT OF THE MUSIC INDUSTRY!

My Plan to stop bad musicians(Metallica):

1.) Download songs off Kazaa. They can't stop us all. If the whole country does this, they can't sue everyone, they'll create a system of paupers who will eventually revolt against the capitalist system which is keeping them down. So, please, download songs. Download hundreds, thousands, or...only download what you please. We are free and as free people, we have just as much a right to enjoy a song when we please as anyone else. The radio doesn't play all the songs we want when we want, so, please, let us have the freedom of our hearing senses. If I want to listen to New York New York or Brat In the Frat or the Daria theme song or anything else for that matter, I feel as a tax paying American I deserve it. As someone who gets up and works and doesn't plot to overthrow their government, I deserve to listen to free music. I buy CD's, I'm just saying, it's nice to have them when I want them, not when I can afford them. So, download as much as you can, I know I will.

2.) Boycott. Please, from November 3rd to December 26th, do NOT purchase a single CD, 8track, Cassette, DVD(yah, it counts), Video, Vinyl, or anything that supports the music industry. I will not be buying people CD's this year, you shouldn't either. If we stop buying CD's, we can actually keep the record industry from...*gasp*...making money! If they don't make money, the little "artists" will lose more money than with downloads. This should either cause their demise or their eventual commonsense, which will make them allow free music downloads. We as a people have already criminalized too much, do we want to include listening to music and gaining enjoyment amongst crimes?
We should not make more criminals by creating more laws, we should create more free men by abolishing the superfluous laws.
So, please, if you lose music, be it rock, jazz, bluegrass, country, hip hop, pop, rap, classic rock, flashback, techno, or any other genre, BOYCOTT! We can turn them around, we just have to unite for freedom. Please, UNITE! BOYCOTT ON NOVEMBER THIRD TO DECEMBER TWENTYSIXTH! Buy your family books or chocolate or jewlery, but do NOT support an industry that does NOT support you!

3.) Show this bad review to everyone you know, as we need a boycott!

Thank you for your time! Fight the man who has restrained your freedom. Ayn Rand would even agree with my, for by trying to make you pay, they are trying to make your collectivist group. But if you can be what you want for free, if you can make your own personal mix, than you are an individualist. And, in the end, it all come's down to being who you are, be it by music, political stance, or literary tendancies. Please, boycott. Not for me, but for yourself, and the future of YOUR music!

Johnny Cash would agree. Old Blue Eyes would agree. The King would agree. Do it for those who made it!(Boycott starts the 3rd of November)
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