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I've attempted to get this entry rolling many times, but keep getting foiled. I might even tonight. However, let me tell you, it just keeps getting better and better, except for when it gets worse of course. Lets hope for a good night so I can get you the other entries I have in mind. Plus more porn, always more porn.


Well sure, it isn't any't go there unless you like 5 year old porn...what am I saying, you read this...GO THERE) however, that isn't too bad. The girls are fairly hot and most are teens. Some you can tell are in their 20's however and it ruins the jailbait fantasy for me. I cannot beat off to some 25 year old crackwhore damnit!
Rating out of 10~ 4


Wow, nice. Albeit some of the tits were saggy and/or dinnerplates, most were firm, hot, and hit you like BOOM, Touch actin' TITaction. Yes, puns ahoy.
Rating out of 10~ 6


It had just dildos? I know those are toys, but, those are also used in every category. Like teens, most of the girls should've gone in blondes or babes or whatever. However, unlike teens, it didn't have a lot of hot highschool(graduates) chicks. I thought this would be fetish, with blowup dolls, and maybe even using GI Joe as a dildo. Uncreative and same old same old, with good tits at best.
Rating out of 10~ 2


Wow, nice. It lacks the undercover(James Bond) quality of voyeurism, but, still. Every so often, the nondirect, foreplay-esque look up a chicks' skirt is nice. And this category proves it.
Rating out of 10~ 4


Voyeur/Spycam is OK. I mean, sure, it includes that element of paranoia, suspicion, and betrayl which i love in my porn, but it lacks something. Public nudity? Rocks. Evil men spying on innocent girls? Rocks. Voyeur/Spycam?
Rating out of 10~ 7(Rocks)

There you go. I finally pumped this out. Yes, it came. Spraying all over your poor, little, defenseless screens. I hope this gives you something to jack off to(or rub your nipples/clit to) til the final summary of Then our porn saga shall - sadly - cum to an end.
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